On the magnificent coast of Mozambique,  180km north of Maputo, you will find Bilene, home of Nghunghwa Lodge, a hidden piece of paradise. The name “Nghunghwa” is the Shangaan name for “Fish Eagle”, the large species of eagle that is found throughout sub-Saharan Africa wherever large bodies of open water occur. Enjoy magnificent views of the Ujembe Lagoon from one of twelve luxury houses scattered between trees and dune brush.

If you are looking for a relaxed beach holiday, Bilene is the place to be. The seawater in the lagoon offers calm and often shallow spaces where holidaymakers can relax and soak up the sun. Unspoilt beaches, 15km of lagoon, forests and bush trails awaiting to be explored… nature is on your doorstep, easy to reach by boat, on foot or 4×4. This is paradise for bird lovers and nature lovers.


Escape to warm tropical sunsets, shimmering beaches and sultry hot weather at Nghunghwa Lodge, your fabulous wedding destination! This is the perfect venue to host your special Beach Wedding. The layout of the venue provides options to either have the ceremony on the beach or indoors. The Bride will cross a rustic bridge on the way to the beach area where she will meet up with her Groom and start a new life together.

Nghunghwa Lodge offers a venue with many options – whether you want an outdoors beach wedding or an indoors event, we have a place where you can shape your special day according to your likes (and the weather’s dislikes).

Treat the special people in your life with an amazing experience on your special day.


Whether water or land activities attract your attention, your days will be filled with excitement. Bush & Beach walks, 4×4 trails criss-cross the area for you to explore, and the lagoon and sea offer great fishing and water sport activities.

On the southern side of the lagoon mouth lies Turtle Bay, where the leather back turtles breed (the largest turtle species of all). Tropical Marine fish can be seen at the reefs when snorkeling. The area is well known for good game fishing, including sail fish.

We offer skiing, water tube rides and wave boarding, or board a boat to head into town, the lagoon mouth or enjoy a stunning Sunset Cruise. For the kids, we have a small artificial lagoon where they can kayak in safety. There is a fresh water swimming pool and a 700 kiloliter salt water pool. In front of Nghunghwa we created an artificial reef protected by Maritime Law that is teeming with a variety of marine life and its safe for young children.